Package: org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.section

Class Summary
AssociationMemberSection The matrix of this Section contains a row for each topic that plays a role in the given association.

Besides the role playing topic, each row contains the topic that defines the role being played by the role-player.
AssociationSectionGroup This extension of SectionGroup holds sections for all associations where the driving topic plays a role in.
Associations are grouped under the role that the driving topic plays.
InstanceSection The matrix of this Section contains all topics, associations and occurrencess that refer to the driving topic as their type
MetaSectionGroup This sectiongroups contains sections for
  • the types of the driving topic
  • the subject of the driving topic
  • the subject indicators of the driving topic
  • and the resource locator of the driving topic
OccurrenceSection The matrix of this Section contains all occurrences of the given Topic.

The matrix is organized as follows
  • the occurrence itself is stored as the row object
  • cell 0 of every row stores the data or the data locator
  • of the current occurrence
  • cell 1 of every row stores the type of that occurrence
RolePlayerSection The matrix of this Section contains all topics that are players in a member that uses the driving topic as its role-spec
SectionAbstractor The SectionAbstractor organizes characteristics of a topic in Sections and SectionGroups.
Each Section arranges their data in one or more matrices (using the org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.util.Matrix).
SectionGroups are a container for Sections.
The model generated by the SectionAbstractor is therefore suitable to be rendered in a little-interactive, cleanly organized environment.

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