Package: org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.util

Class Summary
Matrix Java bean that exposes the semantics of a matrix.
MatrixMolder The MatrixMolder implements the Matrix-Pattern.
MatrixNode Instances of this class form a wrapper around an AMNode that represents the root-node of a Matrix.
MatrixUtil.ColumnFiller Helper that fills up a column of a given Matrix.
MemberProxy This class is a container for the properties that an AMMember defines.
Section A Section is the main building block of the model that the SectionAbstractor creates.
SectionGroup A SectionGroup is a container for sections.
SectionGroupNode A wrapper around an AMNode that represents a SectionGroup.
SectionMolder The SectionMolder implements the Section-Pattern.
SectionNode A wrapper around an AMNode that represents a Section.
TopicCentricSection Extension of Section that is used by all specialisations that create a Section for Topics

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