Package: org.tm4j.panckoucke.model

Class Summary
AMGestaltRegistry This class provides Applications with an extendable Registry for AMGestalt-Instances.

Interface Summary
AMArc This represents an Arc in panckoucke abstract model.
AMGestalt The Gestalt-Interface allows the Abstractors to add detailed information to the resulting model.
AMLocator The AMLocator-Interface is intended to hold an URI in any notation The Interface is a bit sparse.
AMMember The base class for all elements of an panckoucke abstract model * * @author Christoph Froehlich, c_froehlich at
AMNode This represents an Node in panckoucke abstract model.
AModel The AbstractionModel defines a Graph which results from an abstraction process and is passed to a renderer for visualisation purpose.
AModelFactory Factory class for AModel implementations * * @author Christoph Fröhlich

Exception Summary
AbstractorInstantiationException Created on 21.02.2003 This Exception is thrown when some part of Panckoucke fails to instantiate an Abstractor.
UnknownMemberIDException Thrown if the member id of an AMMember object is not valid
UnsupportedAMMemberClassException This Exception is thrown by a ModelProvider, if it is unable to determine the TopicMapObject which is represented by an AMMember.

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