Class Summary
TopicMapRefMetaData Instances of this class are collecting MetaData for a TopicMapReference Dependent on the origin and the store state of the related TopicMapReference only some of the meta data properties will contain valid data

Interface Summary
ProviderReference Wrapper around a TopicMapProvider and it's initializing properties Created on 17.02.2003
StoreManager This interface is part of the panckoucke-API It is used to enable client applications to access the central TopicmapStore of Panckoucke in a backend independant way.
StoreState This interface defines a set of state-constants which represent the lifecyle of a TopicmapObject, managed by the panckoucke central TopicMapStore
TopicMapReference Wrapper for a TopicMap in any State.

Exception Summary
PanckouckeStoreException MultiPurpose-Exception, thrown by Panckoucke-Store.
UnknownReferenceException This Exception is thrown by Implementations of the API-Interfaces, to indicate that the Reference passed in, was not created by the current Implementation

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