Package: org.tm4j.tmnav.env

Class Summary
AbstractionEnviroment An AbstractionEnviroment manages the collaboration between an Abstractor and a Renderer.

An AbstractionEnviroment consists of
  • a current Renderer
  • the RendererDesc of the current Renderer
  • an AbstractorDesc
  • an AbstractionContext
  • a list of AbstractorDescs that are suitable for the current renderer
  • a list of SetableOptions that may be set in the current AbstractionContext.
DescriptionManager This class manages all Renderer- and Abstractor-Descriptions.
NavContext Holds references to Manager-Objects that are widely used in TMNav.
Option A Java Bean that describes a predefined option.
Instances of this class may be used to build a set of available options for a certain property.
Property A Java Bean that represents a key-value-pair.
RendererViewManager This class manages all RendererViews.
SetableProperty A Java bean that describes a setable property, optionally along with a set of predefined values .
The bean combines
  • a property
  • a value for that property
  • an optional defaultvalue for that property
  • optional options for the value of that property.
TMNavEnvironment This class stores and provides access to tmnav user configuration that is once read at startup time.
TMNavSettings This class is a beanish container for several properties that are not related to the collaboration with panckoucke
TMNavUserDir This class manages the UserDirectory of TMNav where all the individual settings files goes.

Interface Summary
TMNavShutdownListener All classes that are interested to be notified of an upcoming shutdown of tmnav should
  • implement this interface
  • register themselves as shutdown-listeners.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Excpetion to be thrown, when the setup of the TMNavUser-Dir fails.

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