Package: org.tm4j.tmnav.renderer.section

Class Summary
AssociationSectionGroupPanel Section that displays all Associations where the currently driving topic plays a role in.
CellRenderer This class contains a collection of inner classes that implement CellRenderer-Interfaces for several gestalten and components.
GridBagPanel This class implements a Panel which serves as the basic visual building block of the section renderer.
MemberSectionPanel Section that displays all Members of an Association
MetaSectionGroupPanel Panel that displays all the information from the MetaSectionGroup
RoleHeader A JPanel with a Label and a Button, used as a Subheader throughout various sections
SectionPanel Section that displays all Occurrences in a JTable
SectionRenderer Renders Models that have a CenterNode of either gestalt TOPIC or gestalt ASSOCIATION.
SectionTableModel A TableModel, used by several sections
SectionUtil Collection of helper methods
UICommons Collection of helper methods -some return atomic parts for section renderers from a cache in order to reduce Object Creation - some return Common-Layout-Properties that should be shared by all sections, as, for example, colors and fonts

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