Package: org.tm4j.topicmap


Provides the core interfaces of the TM4J Topic Map Engine.

Class Summary
PSI This class defines constants for the original, pre-XTM 1.0 Published Subject Indicators Each constant defines the PSI as a full URL.
TMTypes This class provides a utility function for determining the type of a Topic Map object
TopicMapProviderBase Provides a skeleton implementation of a basic TopicMapProvider with the addTopicMap() method implemented.
TopicMapProviderFactory Abstract class to be extended by implementations which allow access to TopicMaps using the TopicMapProvider interface.
Types Contains numerical symbols used for the purpose of identifying the type of a particular topic map object.
XTMPSI This class defines constants for the XTM 1.0 Published Subject Indicators.

Interface Summary
Association This interface describes an association between one or more topics, subject indicators, or resources.

This interface describes a base name associated with a topic.

DataObject Base interface for interfaces which represent topic map elements containing character data or remote resource references.
Member Represents a member of an association.
NamedObject This is an empty interface used to group objects which may be the parent of a BaseName object.
Occurrence This interface defines a single occurrence construct in a Topic Map.
ProviderTransaction The interface for a transaction managed by a TopicMapProvider.
ScopedObject This interface describes a Topic Map construct which is scoped, and whose validity is thereby constrained to the set of topics that comprise the scope.
Topic This interface describes a topic in a Topic Map.
TopicMap This interface defines the whole Topic Map construct.
TopicMapFactory This interface defines a factory object for copying the whole family of Topic Map objects.
TopicMapManager This interface is implemented by classes which provide aggregation services for TopicMapProviders.

The generic base interface for topic map objects.

TopicMapProvider Interface implemented by an object which wishes to be the source of a TopicMap object.
TopicMapUtils This interface defines the basic set of utility functions expected from a topic map engine.
Variant This interface is used to define an alternate naming scheme for a topic.
VariantContainer The base interface for an object which may contain a list of child Variants.
VariantName Interface representing an alternate name for a topic.

Exception Summary
DuplicateObjectIDException Indicates that two different objects in a topic map were found to have the same "unique" ID.
DuplicateResourceLocatorException Exception thrown when the system detects an attempt to add a new topic map object with the same resource location as an existing topic map object.
DuplicateTopicException An exception thrown when trying to add a topic to a topic map which is determined to be a duplicate of a topic already in the map.
IntegrityViolationException Thrown if an attempt is made to modify a TopicMap or TopicMapObject in such a way that would cause referential integrity of the TopicMap to be compromised.
InvalidTopicMapException Exception to be thrown on encountering a error while parsing the topic map.
MergedTopicSubjectClashException Indicates that an attempt was made to merge two topics with different subjects.
ProviderTransactionException Exception raised by transaction processing methods.
TopicMapProcessingException Indicates that the engine encountered an unexpected condition during topic map processing.
TopicMapProviderException Indicates that a topic map provider encountered an unexpected condition.
TopicMapRuntimeException Indicates that the engine encountered an unexpected condition at runtime.

Error Summary
TopicMapProviderFactoryConfigurationError Exception raised if a TopicMapProviderFactory instance cannot be created and configured.

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@author : Kal Ahmed
Comment : Provides the core interfaces of the TM4J Topic Map Engine.
Abstract : Provides the core interfaces of the TM4J Topic Map Engine.
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